Events and Publications


Sedona Arizona Trips


Divine Influence offers trips and retreats to places like Sedona, Arizona. There the group is joined by local area guides for hikes and special ceremonies. 

We also visit hidden away locations where Effie and Ron help you to explore the wonders of this area, As a group we perform Effie's personal Fifth Dimensional Meditations which are enhanced by the vibrant Red Rock views and the magical vortexes .

Contact us for our next scheduled trip.

Seminars in Meriden, Connecticut

Divine Influence offers local talks and seminars in our local area. Guest speakers are often invited to cover their subjects and views. These discussions cover subjects like "A Course In Miracles" study groups, Ascension, and other teaching offered by Efiie. Many of the subject are base on the books written by Effie. The 2019 schedule soon available.

Group Events and Classes in Europe

Classes are available in Europe. Contact us for additional information. A diverse list of subjects are available.

Domestic Group Events and Classes

Divine Influence presents weekend classes throughout the United States.

A diverse number of subjects are available. A list of class subjects is available upon request. 


We have begun to offer books written by Effie, used in her seminars, classes and events.

A limited amount are currently available. We will be re-stocking our library soon. 

Send you requests and we will contact you upon their availability.

Book List

A Divine Influence book Series

A Divine Influence 

A Path to Ascension

A Divine Influence

Boot Camp, Basic Training

A Divine Influence

Boot Camp, Advanced Training

The Seven Steps To Ascension

Book Series  1 thru 3

"A Course In Miracles", Explored

The Fifth Dimension, Ascension

Sound Healing Concerts

Effie and Ron present Sound healing concerts to allow the participants to reach a soothing state of relaxation and have them to slip into a meditative state of well being.

An introduction, then the reciting of Decrees, sets the mood for the dynamics of  the sounds and tones of crystal singing bowls, bells, drums flute, and other instruments. 

Watch the monthly event schedule for the next Sound Healing Concert. Be sure to confirm your reservation.

Private onsite Concerts can be arranged. Contact us for details.



Reiki Training

Effie is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master and Magnified Healing instructor. 

She is available for all levels of Reiki Training. Classes and certification are available. Contact us for more information.

Sound Healing

Holographic Sound Healing certification or Serenity Vibrational Sound Healing instrution is offered by Effie. If you are interested in learning more about the use of sounds and voice in Spiritual Healing, contact us for information.

Crystal Vibrational Classes

These classes teach the magic of the use of Crystals and their effects on the body and spirit. Contact Effie for the certification classes she offers.

"A Course In Miracles", Discussion Groups

Join in with our students of ACIM for in depth discussions and learning. Contact us for dates.

Spiritual Development and Ascension, Discussion Group

Discussions held on the ultimate subjects, such as Ascension and personal Spiritual Development. Meeting dates available

Children's Spiritual Development Class

A great class for children ages 4 to 12 years of age. This 1 1/2 hour program discusses Meditation, Chakras, Crystals, and other basic metaphysical principals.