Welcome to Divine Influence

Welcome to Divine Influence

Welcome to Divine Influence Welcome to Divine Influence Welcome to Divine Influence

Projecting Love and Light into the World

Allow a Divine Influence to bring a calmness and peacefulness into your Life.

 Let Effie Procopiou Rice apply her skills to help resolve the daily stress and  remove issues in your life.  Your Divine Path Awaits You.

Who is Effie Procopiou Rice and What Does She Do ?

Who is Effie Procopiou Rice ?


Effie Procopiou Rice is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, and a Spiritual Developement Instructer. She is also a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Instructor, Sound Healer, Crystal Healer, and Color and Light Healing Therapist. She Has Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities. Effie is also an Ordained Minister.

Spiritual Healing


Effie Performs "Spiritual Healings" to help individuals heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. 

Classes, Training and Counseling


Spiritual Development Classes and Training is offered  to help guide you on your life journey. Spiritual Counseling is also available.


More About Effie Procopiou Rice.

I was born into a traditional Greek family in a small town in Connecticut, USA. Our family lifestyle was very Greek Orthodox. At Greek school, at church every Sunday, I needed to study, about the church, learn to speak Greek and do traditional Greek Dancing. This was the normal way of life for this young girl.

As a child, I knew I was "different". My Greek Grandmother (Yia Yia) could see my underlying abilities. Her loving Guidance through those early years helped me along my spiritual path. I had gifts which would allow me to help others. Her encouragement to follow my heart guided me to further develop my spiritual healing abilities.

As years past, I began to advance my studies to further develop my abilities and knowledge. Teachings and training from Native American Hopi Indian Elders helped me hone and further develop my skills.                                                                      


What is a Spiritual Healing ?

 Effie is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer. Though Effie is not medically trained to diagnose or treat illnesses of the body or mind, she does have an ability to sense, see and feel issues within a person's bio-field. This allows her to "detect" energetic unbalances and dis-ease within a person. Effie helps the person use their own inner abilities with a connection to a "Higher Spirit" to calm and work on the resolution of the issues they are experiencing. Working with a higher spiritual force, she assists the person to resolve issues within their body and mind, She refers to this as "A Spiritual Healing".  

During a "Healing", Effie guides you to relax and open your own connection to the Divine, Supreme Being, or Source of Life. This facilitates the clearing of emotional blocks. It also allows the clearing and energizing of your Chakra System and the entire Spirit and Bio-field system. This healing process will create a lasting transformation and expansion into a greater awareness.


More About Spiritual Healing.

During a "Spiritual Healing", Effie uses her channeling ability and many other tools. Crystal and Tibetian Singing Bowls, Color, Sound and Light Therapy, Crystals, Chimes, Drums and much more are some examples.

This experience clears and heals your physical, mental and atheric body. This opportunity awakens the Divine Light within all of your cells which helps you feel more empowered in your everyday life. The "healing effects" disolves patterns which, removes stress and brings the body into a harmonic balance.

This type of Energetic Medicine is also beneficial in, the Clearing of the Chakra System, Chord Cutting, and allows a better feeling of Self-Empowerment. Effie helps the person to use their own inner abilities, with a connection to a "Higher Spirit" to calm and work on the resolution of the issues they are experiencing. Effie's abilities may also produce a recommendation to seek help, advice or treatment from a Family Physician or Medial Doctor. Effie often works together with members of the Medical Field, to assist in treatment. 


Classes, Training and Counseling

Effie's spiritual guides, and teachers, have guided her to share her knowledge and practices with those interested in improving and changing their life.

Effie currently offers Spiritual Development and Spiritual Training classes. She has held classes and events throughout the United States and Europe.  Her workshops and class schedule is available upon request. 

Private Classes, Training, Distant Healing and Counseling are also available. Reservation are required. 

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